Free Online Home Appraisal

Looking for a free online home appraisal tool?  Use ours, it only takes a few seconds and it is free.  Just put your address in and in a few seconds you will have a home appraisal estimate based on historical sales in your area.

Knowing the appraised value of your home is very important if you plan on selling your home.  The biggest reason why people can’t sell their home fast is because they have priced it too high.  There are several ways to get a home appraisal.

You can use a professional home appraiser, but this will cost around $300 to $600 dollars depending on where you live and the size of your home.  This normally takes a few hours but is fairly accurate.

You can use a real estate agent in your area.  I suggest making sure the agent has actually sold property in your neighborhood.  Ask three agents to give you an estimate.  Most agents are willing to do this for free in order to get your business.  If you need help finding an agent in your area, click on the banner below.  This process will save you time and money.  Agents will bid for your business.

The last way is to use our free home appraisal estimate tool.  This works based on historical sales data.  Once you know the value of your home, then you want to price your home slightly less.  This will attract more buyers and you are more likely to have multiple buyers bidding the price up.

      Free Online Home Appraisal